Announcement: Hey indie bands, please send an email to:  We need songs for testing during our software development.  RadioWRX  is currently looking for indie digital music, videos, bios/profiles and images to load in our test database.  If you are interested in getting involved with us early so we can launch promoting your indie music out of the gate - then let's get it on!  Robert will provide instructions for you on how to send your digital files. All your copyrights will be respected.

RadioWRX -- We went to see our local band.s and were inspired to do something to let people know about your unbelievable talent. 

 So RadioWRX is going to get  the word out to everyone.
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Inspired by the talented pool of dedicated musicians, MoblleWRX is committed to bringing your independent bands to audiences everywhere.

Announcement: Hey bands, we know you're checking in and watching, thanks for your patience. We will be launching our RadioWRX Music App - latest estimated launch date is in late 2016. Your music and live shows are coming to your town soon.


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